Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

We believe that the best way to avoid costly and distracting enforcement issues is through a dedicated commitment to compliance.  But environmental law and implementing regulations are complex.  We help clients obtain permits, understand requirements, and comply with regulations issued under the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, EPCRA, SDWA and comparable state laws.  We also assist clients in using tools such as privileged environmental audits to assess compliance issues and correct potential problems before matters reach enforcement.  

Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide-range of industries, including:

  • Steel

  • Cement

  • Lime

  • Oil and gas E&P and service companies

  • Pipelines

  • Refineries

  • Chemical manufacturers

  • Semiconductors

  • Developers

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical