Environmental Enforcement Defense

We have defended clients in diverse industries from administrative, civil, and criminal environmental investigations and enforcement actions brought by EPA, OSHA, TCEQ, the Texas Railroad Commission, local governments, and private parties under the citizen suit provisions of environmental laws.  Specific representations have included:

  • Responding to EPA information requests and advising clients how to protect confidential business information responsive to such requests

  • Advising clients on issues related to on-site inspections of facilities by regulators

  • Helping clients respond to notices of violation and notices of enforcement

  • Negotiating resolutions to administrative enforcement actions

  • Defending administrative enforcement actions in contested case hearings

  • Litigating enforcement actions in state and federal courts

  • Representing clients under criminal investigation by TCEQ and EPA related to environmental laws

Whether involving air, water, waste, or natural resources issues, we work with clients to develop efficient strategies to defend and resolve enforcement actions.