Smith Jolin is an Austin, Texas based environmental law boutique dedicated to helping clients develop pragmatic solutions to tough regulatory issues.  Chris Smith and Becky Jolin have decades of experience representing and advising clients across Texas and the United States on all aspects of environmental law.  Chris and Becky founded the firm based on three guiding principles:


Provide outstanding client service, every time, at the right price.

This means understanding clients’ goals at the outset and developing a strategy to meet those goals.  It means efficiency with respect to both time and cost.  And it means providing zealous representation and uncompromised advice to clients on every matter.  Environmental laws and administrative regulations are complex and constantly developing.  We help clients navigate those changes, so they can focus on their business.

Provide creative and intelligent solutions.

The legal industry is changing.  Technology has resulted in significant increased efficiencies for those firms with the agility to take advantage of those changes.  The disaggregation of legal services means that clients can use the best lawyers, at the best value, for specific tasks, even if that means multiple firms for a single matter.  Giant paper files, large administrative staffs, and acres of Class A office space are no longer required to provide premium service.  Simply put, we would rather come to your office than have you pay for our office.

Personal relationships matter.

The main job of a lawyer is to help clients solve problems.  Developing effective solutions requires an in-depth understanding of a client’s people, business, strengths, and weaknesses.  It also requires active listening and a relationship founded on trust. The best solutions develop from open collaboration between the lawyer and client.   


Chris Smith


Chris Smith is a former partner at a large law firm with over a decade of experience representing clients in all aspects of environmental law and administrative litigation.  



Becky Jolin


Becky Jolin is a former partner and Of Counsel at a large law firm with almost three decades of experience representing clients in all aspects of environmental law.